WASH Campaign Educational Package

Running a WASH Campaign

At the outset of the pandemic we wanted to contribute to help educate the importance of washing our hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We decided to create a comic book and poster set that can be utilised by WASH sector professionals when they are running a WASH campaign. We focused the narrative on the question - What if you could see pathogens? The comic book guides the reader through a classroom setting and then illustrated other contextual examples of how and when a pathogen could be spread, such as at the market place, cooking or after using the toilet.

Are the ready to teach the importance of washing your hands?

We include posters on how to wash your hands and explain interactions that show how infectious diseases can spread. Support education and learning, in order to promote positive hand washing behaviours with our comics and posters. To enable effective knowledge sharing we designed the comic to be mobile friendly, which is perfect to share on mobile messaging services as data can be quite expensive.

How do you wash your hands?

As part of the DiY Hand Washing Initiative we have put this short but effective video together for WASH sector professionals to utilise when running Hand Hygiene Campaigns.

Learn how to wash your hands. - By Celeste Volpi

Download the comic and the poster and mobile set!

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