Modular Irrigation System

Modular Filter Design

The design of this water irrigation system is modular, this means that it can be adapted to your circumstances, depending on the size of your farm. The designed filter system is able to filter water for irrigating an area of 2 hectares. The system consists of a sedimentation step and a filtration step before being drip irrigated to the food crops. In a vertical flow sedimentation tank, particles with a greater settling velocity than the up flow velocity will settle. The up flow velocity depends on the dimensions of the tank and the flow rate. Retention time (HRT) in the settling tank is the most important variable. If the sedimentation tank’s HRT is 1 hour, a settling efficiency of 66% can be achieved. For the construction of this tank a polyester water tank is used.

After the water is pre treated in the sedimentation tank, it’s filtered in a second tank though an up-flow roughing filter. This tank is filled with three uniform layers with different gravel sizes. The total filter bed height will be about 120 cm, made up of three 40 cm layers: type A: 4-8 mm, type B: 8-12 mm and type C: 12-18 mm.

Illustration, graphics and layout design by Iris van Driel.

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