Hand Washing Initiative - Methodology Toolkit

Project IWASH

Iwash delivers practical decentralised open sourced technologies for water supply and sanitation. Through collaboration with our local partners in Africa we use human centred participatory design methods to co-create frugal water technologies using locally sourced materials and design practices.

We have run workshops in Ghana to test our instructional manuals.

Why Is Hand Hygiene So Important?

  • Along with general public health benefits, hand-washing can reduce the risk of diarrhea disease by up to 50%.
  • Hand-washing with soap is recognised as an easy, effective and affordable method to protect and prevent disease transmission and should be achievable, even in emergency settings.

Access to hand washing facilities is key to preventing the spread of infectious diseases. We've compiled a collection of designs with illustrated instructions that can be useful for anyone running a hand hygiene campaign.

The designs have been developed with local materials in mind and focus on touch free hand washing to minimise cross-contamination. Having access to hand washing facilities, soap and water is an important first step but this needs to be complemented with actions to change hand washing behaviour. We have included tips and suggestions about how to trigger hand washing and how to include people in their creation. We have strong partnerships with sanitation agencies in Ghana where we have run workshops and tested the learnability of our designs and instructional toolkits.

Download here the illustrated toolkit and start building!

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