PhD Spotlight: Water Reclamation For Industrial Use, Maputo, Mozambique

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Noor Jehan Gulamussen, a PhD student at TU Delft is all too familiar with the domestic, industrial and agricultural challenges regarding clean water supply in Mozambique.

The challenges of water scarcity and stricter regulations on wastewater discharge increase the interest in water reclamation.

The aim of her research is to identify possible uses of reclaimed water for industries in Maputo and suggest technological options for its implementation. Pilot tests were conducted to evaluate if WWTP effluent can be used for the construction industry, and what water requirements are needed for industrial cooling purposes.

Effluent can be used for the construction industry

Looking at the industrial perspective, reclaimed wastewater compared to surface water, can be a more attractive source due to its consistent quality and availability.

The main results shows that the quality of reclaimed water for concrete mixing is adequate for strength development of concrete blocks. In terms of treatment, this requires only a disinfection step to protect the health of the workers. Furthermore, thermal power plants and data-centre’s can make use of the effluent for cooling, as they both use similar cooling towers.

Thermal power plants and data-centre’s can use the effluent for cooling

If implemented, the water reclamation for industrial applications will increase the total available water supply, substituting drinking water where appropriate and preserve the health of waterways, wetlands, flora, and fauna.

Thank you,

Noor Jehan Gulamussen

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