Electro-coagulation for Wastewater

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We would like to introduce the researchers within TU Delft | Global Drinking Water, starting with Bruno Bicudo.

Turning #wastewater into a #reusable product is very valuable in cities suffering from water scarcity and overpopulation. When reclaiming wastewater, #microbial#safety is of great importance. Bruno, originally from Uruguay, researches the application of low voltage iron electrocoagulation as a disinfection tool. In the video you can see this technique where iron flocs are formed in situ that can remove pollutants from water.

Bruno’s research is part of the LOTUSHR project (https://lotushr.org/) a Dutch-Indian initiative to produce technology and policy aimed at recovering energy, water and nutrients from the notorious “Barapullah Drain” in the city of New Delhi. In 2018 he started his PhD under the guidance of Prof. Gertjan Medema and Dr. Doris van Halem.

The objective of the project is reclaiming water from the drain, paying attention to its microbial safety, particularly to the infamous Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.Bruno desires to fully explore the potential of low voltage iron #electrocoagulation and elucidate the boundaries of this technology for future implementation by water utilities.

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