We Provide Knowledge On Hand Washing Practices

Teach the importance of washing your hands, how to wash your hands effectively and explain interactions that show how infectious diseases can spread.

We are looking for partners and investors to provide safe and appealing handwashing to the people who need it most.

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This includes the comic book, which is perfect for A4 print.

Concept Design

Washing hands with soap is advocated globally since the outbreak of COVID-19. This has called for developments in existing education material to support teaching and learning about the importance of washing your hands.

We have designed the education material with the concept of, what if you could see an infectious disease? With this in mind the rest of the education material follows this theme.

Education Posters

1. Why Wash Hands

To promote effective hand washing practices, the story focuses on taking care of the family and the community.

2. When and Where to Wash Hands

We selected common behaviours that show how infectious diseases can spread in both private and public contexts.

3. How to Wash Hands

A poster that illustrates the various steps required to effectively wash hands.

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Mobile friendly

To enable effective knowledge sharing we designed the comic to be mobile friendly, which is perfect to share on mobile messaging services.

Design Process

We are currently looking for feedback to review and develop the designs of the Do it Yourself Hand Wash Stations and the way they are communicated.

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Running workshops are essential to spreading positive hand washing behaviour, which is the single most important factor to prevent the spread of Covid-19.