We provide knowledge on how to build Do it Yourself hand wash stations

Access to hand washing facilities is key to preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

We are looking for partners and investors to provide safe and appealing handwashing to the people who need it most.

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Hand Washing Station Designs

Washing hands with soap is advocated globally since the outbreak of COVID-19. This has called for developments in existing options and the creation of newer designs of hand washing stations.

The aim to to provide access to knowledge for equal opportunity and communication around sanitation. So feel free to download and use the designs when for education and practical purposes.

Design Consideration

The designs have been considered for different use cases, including; homes, and public spaces. Materials used can be procured locally to create healthy local markets. The designs consider user experience.

Hand Wash Station Designs

Tippy Tap

Tippy Tap 2

Elbow Tap

Foot Pedal 1

Foot Pedal 2

Foot Pedal 3

Bucket Pump

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Design Process

We are currently looking for feedback to review and develop the designs of the Do it Yourself Hand Wash Stations and the way they are communicated.

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Just 10 euros to build a tippy tap

Running workshops are essential to spreading positive hand washing behaviour, which is the single most important factor to prevent the spread of Covid-19.