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Our research projects are always supported by partners. We collaborate with universities, water companies, water boards, technology companies and water NGO's. So why not you? 

Water For Food

Frank Annor

Doctoral Scientist
Hydrology, GIS and Remote Sensing.

Nick van de Giesen

Professor of Water Management
Water Resources Management, Hydrologic Modelling, Distributed Temperature Sensing

Rolf Hut

Assistant Professor
Hydrological data: sensor design, processing of data streams and incorporating data in models for predictions.

Water For Drinking

Jan Peter van der Hoek

Professor of Drinking Water Engineering
Drinking Water, micro-pollutants, treatment, portable water

Kajol Annaduzzaman

PhD Candidate
Drinking water, arsenic, groundwater treatment

Mrinal Roy

PhD Candidate
Drinking water treatment, groundwater, arsenic

Water For Values

Lindsey Schwidder

Project Coordinator
Smart water management, mobile apps, Myanmar

Maurits Ertsen

Associate Professor
Water Irrigation systems, water management

Juliette Eulderink

Project Coordinator Vietnam
Human capital, social local innovation, field research

Water For Health

Steef de Valk

Postdoctoral Researcher
Activated sludge, bioreactors, digestion, predation

Merle de Kreuk

Professor of Environmental Technology
Waste water treatment, anaerobic digestion, digestibility, floculation

Jules van Lier

Professor of Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Engineering
Wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, biogas, bioreactor

Water For Cities

Luuk Rietveld

Professor of Drinking Water and Urban Cycle Technology
Integration, innovation, urban water cycle, drinking water supply, groundwater

Edo Abraham

Assistant Professor
Water distribution, pumps, water supply, demand

Bruno Bicudo Perez

PhD Candidate
Wastewater treatment, pathogens, antibiotics

Water For Industry

No items found.

Water For Environment

Remko Uijlenhoet

Professor of Hydrology
Hydrology, Hydrometeorology, Hydroclimatology, Remote Sensing

Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis

Associate Professor
Hydrometeorology, Ecohydrology

Martine Rutten

Associate Professor
Citizen science, Myanmar, water management,

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